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Christmas Craft Fair

December 8-10, 2019 

All photos: DJMc

Other News from the Year 2019

We now have fascia boards and gutters and downpipes for the first time ever.


The work was made possible by a generous funding grant from the Salt Spring Island Foundation. Slegg Lumber gave us a good deal on materials. Thank you, everyone!

Shown here are before and after photos of the main porch. Note the new 'finished' look.

Some rotted wall areas were also repaired where roof runoff previously splashed at ground level. The hall will stay drier and live longer now.


And circling the inside of the main hall we have a new picture rail, shown below:


This new rail will greatly assist decorating the hall and eliminate the temptation to use staples, tacks, nails, etc. (Last year saw the removal of all 'historical' metal from walls and ceiling, a laborious task.) This project included other repairs to the walls.



Small Things:  The driveway has been resurfaced and the forest behind the hall has been tidied up; the compost box has been removed for reasons of odour, wasps, and abuse; signage has been added to emphasize that fires and camping are prohibited; a second lockbox has been installed as well as new smoke alarms and CO detectors. Three new stainless steel tables were bought for the kitchen (one shown here), funded by Harry Burton (thanks), and two wall clocks were hung (kitchen, back room), and... improvements were made to help renters keep the side room tidy (2 photos rightmost).

Public Water Access (Big Thing)

After a hard winter, we replaced the outdoor plumbing behind BPH. Thanks to Alan Martin for generously covering hardware expenses.


Currently in progress is an evaluation of the well that supplies BPH. Please use water thoughtfully.

Love and Marriage

2019 was a year of weddings. Here is BPH ready for one that took place in April.

Historical Plaque

This plaque has been mounted on the outside wall of BPH, beside the main front door. We thank Charles Kahn for facilitating this project.

Last year's Christmas Craft Fair

30 November, 1-2 December, 2018

Last Year's Christmes Craft Fair

All photos: DJMc

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