2021:  A Year of Silver Linings

A Quiet Year - At Least It Started Out That Way

When the pandemic was proclaimed, no one thought that we would be in this boat a year later but here we are.  We have all learned a lot about space and respect and seeing the silver linings where ever you can and taking advantage of them.

    The Floor:  A Project 15 Years Over Due 

A Project to Make Noise About

It was been 84 years since the hall was completed and the floor has seen all sorts of activities over those years and is way past its best by date.  The main problem aside from funding was having to close the hall for a month or more to get the job done. Well, the Pandemic handed us the unoccupied time now all we needed was funding.


Solution: Start multiple fundraising campaigns. We started with a Basement Sale followed by a Call Out to the Community, applying for grants to the SSI Foundation and to 100 Men Who Care on Salt Spring.

Results: Heartfelt messages sent from the floor itself to the Community saw the  Community responding with open hearts and pockets to the tune of $7,160.00 - well on the way to finance the floor installation. Thank You, Community! 

The application to the SSI Foundation for their Spring Granting session resulted in being generously granted the amount of $10,00.00 to cover the costs of the new flooring wood (Easter Maple).  Thank You SSI Foundation!

The results of the application to 100 Men Who Care were announced on June 2nd and we have been awarded  $10,000 - Thank You 100 Men Who Care!

Now Things Start to Pick Up!

August 6-7 - The First Wedding in 2 Years

  Phase 2: Prepping the Old Floor

Starting on June 25th the  preparation work will start.

Last Year's Christmes Craft Fair