2022:  A Year of Recovering

 It Started Out Cold, Wet and in a 4th Wave called Omicron:

November '21's  rain (excuse me - Atmospheric River)  did a job on the yard and the drive. Followed closely by December '21's combo Arctic Outflow meets Moist Pacific Front which necessitated turning off the water to save the pipes. But by mid-January '22 the thaw came - thankfully - followed by more rain - not so thankful.

The First Job of the Year:
November's and January's rains made getting rid of the Parling Lot/Driveway Lake  a  Must-Get-Done-ASAP!job and the 1st on the To-Do List.  So  on January 14, Ron and Steve enlisted  the services of Jim McGuckin and his trusty  backhoe and took the day to  get forty feet of culvert in place. That part is done but the ground is still too wet and soft to drive on - it needs a little drying and a top load of stone to really firm it up but the "Lake" is gone!.

Photos  lovingly  documented

supplied by  ©RonWatts

Three days later the call was made and Marcott Excavating brought in enough course rock and finer top gravels to make the Drive and Park areas usable plus patching up a few potholes.  Thanks Steve for organizing and Ron for documenting!

SAR - Tracking Training weekend

Three days in May and the Salt Spring Island Search and Rescue are holding a hands-on field Tracking Training session at the Hall, the park and surrounding neighbourhood properties.
It is good to know they will be able to find us when we need help!

Starting on June 25th the  preparation work will start.