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Are you a southend resident looking for a way to contribute to your local community?

Beaver Point Hall (BPH) is looking for a few new members to help us grow and best serve the needs of Salt Spring Island.


BPH is a charitable society registered with the CRA since 2015 but it that has served the residents of Salt Spring Island since 1937.

The Hall was constructed and maintained by community volunteers and the current board strives to continue this tradition.


The Hall serves a diverse range of activities such as concerts, workshops, schools, kids programs, dancing, fitness classes and weddings.

We host fundraising events such as bean suppers and the annual Christmas Craft Fair.  

We are actively seeking new members whose lived experiences reflect a variety of skills, perspectives, backgrounds and resources to help us keep the Hall relevant for the entire SSI community. 


The Hall at age 85, is facing a pivotal time and substantial upgrades and replacements to our aging infrastructure is necessary in order to handle current and future needs while maintaining our beloved Heritage character.


At this time we are specifically looking for a new treasurer but if you are someone with a passion for heritage buildings, fundraising, with financial expertise or have a talent for strategic planning and a love for our southend community please consider becoming a volunteer supporter of Beaver Point Hall.


We’d love to hear from you, please share any useful information about yourself for our review committee.


Thank you for expressing an interest in helping Beaver Point Hall.

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I Need Your Help

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