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Thank You All for Your Generous Support!

  • Salt Spring Island Foundation:           $10,000 - Purchase of the Wood

  • 100 Men Who Care on Salt Spring:       $10,000 - Installation

  • Community, Friends of Beaver Point Hall, Country Grocer,  Save-A-Tape Program, and Dance Temple:                  $  7,160 - All Other Materials

THANK YOU - To All Those Helping Hands!

 It was a neighbourhood effort so I have only everyone's first name but know this - without your help, this awesome new floor wouldn't have become a reality! So, no particular order, thank you from the bottom, of our hearts to:

David, Charley, Harry, Briony, Jeff, Nicolas, Geoff, Rolando, Marie-Anna AKA "Makeeana", Jim, Ron, Anne P., Anne S., Steve, Carlos, Elizabeth, Meghan, Diane, Maikan, Pete, Donna, Kal, Rob, Mike, Kjell, Marc, Richard, Bob, Austin, Jack, Don, Jason, Josh his sons and Nikoya.

Our apologies to anyone we missed!  Please let Wendy or Ron know so that your name can be added.

In a hurry?   Want to see it all in 1:21?

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Floor Replacement Progress

Truck and Group Photos by Ron Watts

 PHASE 1:    Wood Delivered & Joists Measured

 June 4th & 6th:  Wood Delivered, Unloaded & Joists Measured

This hearty crew of neighbours and Freinds of Beaver Point Hall made quick work of unloading the truck.

 Many hands do make light work!

Updated Floor Sched Calendars June v3 .j

 PHASE 2:    Clearing, Prepping and Sanding Old Floor

Jim McGucken of Sandman Floors and two Friends of Beaver Point Hall came in at 8 am on Saturday, June 19th to fasten the old floor to the subfloor.  This eliminates any squeaks and to helps level any of the bumps and valleys that have developed over the past 84 years.

 June 19th:   Old Floor  De-sqeaked and Anchored to the Subfloor

 June 25th/26th:  Empty And Relocate Side Room Storage Items to Fireside Lounge

The SideRoom which is considered part of the Main Hall is most often the site of table and chair storage so starting on Friday, June 25th Elizabeth and Meghan came in and started clearing the Side Room occupants to the Fireside Lounge so that it too can be refloored.

The big floor sander was brought in and everything it ready to go on Tuesday the 29th.

It was a swelteringly hot day and it took true dedication to the Hall - Thank you Meghan & Elizabeth!!!!!


 June 29th to July 3rd:  Relocate the  Wood then Sand and Prep for Installation

This phase  (2c) involves the sanding and prepping of the old floor.  Levelling it and roughing it up in preparation


Jim, Ron, and Steve arrived early to take advantage of the cooler hours. Diane brought drinks and refreshments mid-morning.

The photos are courtesy of Ron Watts - that's why there are no shots of him working.

for the new wood to be installed.  The doors hiding the electrical panels had to be removed and raised. Periodically during the sanding, the area had to be vacuumed. This whole phase is hard on the lungs.

Day two of the sanding process and the last row is about to be finished. Then comes the vacuuming and the redistribution of the new wood

In preparation for Phase 3 which starts with installing the first courses around the perimeter of the walls.

Jim is starting the measure-twice-cut-once part of the process

Day Two of Sanding and Prepping

The old wood is ready and the new wood is piled for easy access and installation.

5 more feet finishes the main hall then the side room and the installation part is done.

PHASE 3:  Install the  Wood

  July 1st to 7th:  Install the New Flooring

July 1st: The Start of the first course. This is the tricky  one - being off by a hair affects the whole installtion

July 2nd: It takes a whole crew - in this case 6 and the bringer of sustenance - to get the rhythm started.

Glue, place, tap to straighten/tighten, hammer in nails...

After that the flow continues until one fifth of the new floor is in place.

Updated Floor Sched Calendars July v9 .jpg

On Orders from Jim -

Elizabeth becomes  the first dancer :-)

July 3rd: More volunteers and their partners come to learn and help - thank you!

07-03-2021_10.32.28-© WARosier-2-SharpenAI-focus.jpg

Diane - Chief Lunch and Break supplier makes sure that every volunteer

is well fed and hydrated

(with help from Country Grocer.)

The first well-deserved break of the day is enjoyed.

Ron - crouches with

camera in hand, and lines up for this great group shot on the left.

Now 2/5 done and It is looking good!


Three-quarters of the main hall is laid with new wood.  Only one quarter left and the side room and at this rate, it will only take two to two and a half more days before the next phase can start.

It doesn't take long before everyone gets into the rhythm and swing of things.

July 4th:  A large crew of helping hands turned up and was a great help.

Phase 4 involves a fine sanding of the new wood, vacuuming the dust then applying the first sealant coat.

07-04-2021_14.05.14-© WARosier.JPG

July 6th:  Another 5 ft installed

One more day and the main hall is done... and there is still time for some great  grub and a bit of fun.

Duelling Photographers: 

Android vs Canon and a short video of Steve results - turn about is fair play :-)

July 7: Last boards placed in Main Hall and

Cheque Presented by 100 Men Who Care - SSI


Only the side room is left to install - that will be done Thursday. Then the floor is sanded, vacuumed and the 1st coat of sealer is applied.

July 8:         LAST BOARD PLACED!

The next step in the final phases  begins already starting with another sanding.



PHASE 4:  Sand, Polish, Seal, and Finish

July 9:  Sand & Polish in Prep for Sealing

Shoes can't be worn inside now and the feel of it on bare feet - the way most dancers experience the floor -  is absolute heaven!

July 10:  Polish and First Coat of Sealant

Final touches in the corners,  and then waltzing polishers get the floor ready for the first coat of sealant.

Then WOW! 

And this is just the first coat!

More light sanding, buffing/polishing and  coats with extended drying times in between still to come.

July 11:  Second Coat of Sealant

Jim in his Lint Free Suite, Ron and Steve were early birds on this lovely sunny Sunday and went in to polish and apply

the second coat of sealant.

It is looking wonderful! 


And this is just the Sealant!

July 12 - 16:   DRY and  CURE


These waiting times are killers!



July 16:  Polish and Apply First Finish Coat

It is down to mostly a one-man job.  Jim dons his lint-free shell and pours a row of finish on then proceeds to spread and even it out.

Lets it dry and comes back and starts all over again.

One more session like this then it is onto the Basebords.

July 17:  Polish and Apply Final Finishing Coats

Jim and Ron finished the main hall at 11:00 on Saturday and came back at 1:00 to complete the side room.

Jim was concerned that he had enough finish to thoroughly coat the main hall so they started there first but ended up with enough to do the side room and had to wait for the floor to be dry enough to cross.

Ron used the opportunity to take these final parting shots.


July 20 & 21:  STAGE - Refinish: Sand, Polish, Seal & Finish

The Stage is being refinished.  The wood is Fir so it matches the wall wood more closely.

Because the Stage is smaller, it's a one-man work area so while Jim sands, Ron vacuums up after and gets great shots.

July 22:  STAGE - Final Finishing Coats - ALL Floors are DONE

It actually takes two - one to spread, the other to check for misses.

The last Photographer's duel over shiny surfaces.

As Smooth as Ice

The finishing touches really didn't go this fast.  :-)

Two Happy Campers - The Floor is Done!

PHASE 6:   Baseboard  Installation

July 28-29:  Installation of Baseboards

July 29:  The actual installation starts and finishes today thanks to  the

Baseboard Boyz: Steve, Bob,  Jim and photographer Ron !

July 28: 

1st stage for the baseboards

is sealing. This was done off- site by Steve and Elizabeth

MEASURE - Measure - and  Measure yet again.  Then CUT, FIT, LEVEL & NAIL!

Simple really when you have a crew who care and have a sense of rhythm.


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