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See anything you like or

if you would like to donate to the new floor contact:

Wendy  at

Donate Directly Through our PayPal Page

Or Country Grocer's Save-a-Tape Box

New Floor Funding

Basement Sale

The Hall's 84-year-old original flooring is in critical

need of replacement - all dancers will attest to this. 

We are actively seeking funding for this and to help

with this we have cleaned out the basement and are offering these things for sale. 

Some old, some new and a few antiques.

Get some Hall history and help fund the floor.

All of the proceeds will go to fund this necessary project.

Oak Curio Cabinet

thumbnail_Image (3).jpg

Retails at $1,100

Solid Oak with Glass Shelves & Interior  Lighting

6 ft tall by 27 in wide by 14 in deep

 Price:   $300.00  (a steal)   OBO

20-25 cup Coffee Serving Thermos


Foam-lined thermos type coffee server 20-25 cups

Price:  $50.00  OBO

Flexable Chimney Liner


New - 25 feet of 5-inch Flexible Chimney Liner

Retails for $439.00

Price:  $220.00   OBO

Mini Wall Water Fountain


Vintage small porcelain wall drinking fountain

Selling on EBay for $132.00

Price:  $40.00  OBO

Molded Stacking Chairs


19 Molded Stacking Chairs

Price:  $5.00 ea   $50 for all        OBO


Antique Coffee Maker


Antique Coffee Maker - great for an accent decor piece for a coffee house or restaurant

Price: $85.00   OBO

Stage Lights

Stage Lights S.jpg

4 Vintage Stage Spot Lights.  All need new wiring. Untested

Price: $24.00 - $67.00  OBO

Steel Brackets/Braces


Set of five steel brackets

Price:  $3.00 ea or $12.00/set  OBO

Volleyball Net


Volleyball Net

Price:  Make an offer

Commercial Dishwashing Trays


Only Three Left

Tall glass/goblet commercial dishwashing trays

Selling on eBay for $102.00 ea

Price:  $40.00 ea  /  $100.00 for all  OBO

Chimney Cap


5-inch Chimney Cap and Extender

Retails for $39.00

Price:  $18.00  OBO

Antique School Desks


6 antique School Desks

Price:  $35-$45/desk       OBO

Indoor Wood Basketball Backboard  with Hoop and brackets


Indoor wooden Basketball Backboard and hoop with brackets attached;

Price:  $25.00    OBO

Gas Fittings

Gas Fittings.png

Gas fitting pipes.

Are you creative - great for repurposing.

Price:  $15.00  OBO

Battery Chargers


2 battery chargers with cables -   

Price:  13.00 each  OBO

Assorted: Metal Roofing, Plexiglas &

Stove Pipe

Roofing S.jpg
  • Metal roofing: 2 pieces 17' long and 2 pieces 8' long (one piece angled back at one end to 6'). 32' coverage. Old screw holes on ridges.

  • 6" metal stovepipe: 2 pieces 6' long. Unused. Some rust.

  • 3/16" acrylic sheet: 1 triangular piece cut on diagonal out of 34" x 97" piece.

  • Price:  Make an offer on any or all

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