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The Christmas Artisan Craft Fair That Could Have Been

Artisan Vendors, Community Volunteers, Corporate Donors and Board Members all came together with the sole purpose of ending 2020 on a positive note.  We were all prepared and looking forward to going head with  Safety Protocols in place as the health of all Priority One for us so when the surge spiked and Salt Spring started getting confirmed cases in November, the decision to cancel, though sad - was easy to make.

In lieu of the physical, we offer a virtual glimpse with the vendor offerings in case

you haven't finished your Santa's Helper Shopping yet.

Beaver Point Hall At Christmas2 2013013-12-08-15-30-19-Rosier
2019-Decorate the Hall
2011 - Carlos' Kindling
2015- Dave & Tali's Cider
2018-1Adrian Selby's  cutting boards
2020-Truffula Treats
Screenshot_2020-12-12 Truffula Treats (

The Artisan Vendors 

                               Apple cider   -   Dave and Tali

Briony Penn's books & prints   -   Annica Burnaby

                              Eco Candles   -   Dawn Larden

   Feather and Leather  crafts   -   Sarah Morris

                   Functional Pottery   -   Anne Byrne - lm

                   Gemstone jewelry   -   Saci Spindler

              Inlaid Cutting Boards   -   Adrian Selby

                                   Jewellery   -   Pat Sachse

            Kale chips, Raw foods   -   Claire Ryder 

                                    Kindling   -   Carlos

                 Oh My Goddess skincare   -   Rainbow May

                       Chocolates & Truffles   -   Amber Tuttle

                                                Pottery   -   Kasumi Lampitoc

                       Pottery and Paintings   -   Edith Stevenson

            Preserves, Cards &  Creams   -   Tanagchee

Rose Bead prayer beads &  jewelry   -   Marcus Knox

               Serums, tinctures & balms   -   Danielle Power

                                      Silver jewelry   -   Alvaro Sanchez

                                     Kiah & Meeks   -   Carrie Hoadley

                Wood Toys, Boxes & Hats   -   Susanna Kong

The Donors and Volunteers

                                               Corporate Donors  -  Country Grocer & Thrifty Foods

                     Making it Work Donor/Volunteers  -  Lou Ellis, Chelle Sheehan, Ron Watts, Philip Van Horn

Thanks to everyone for putting in the work to help make it almost happen!

For some last-minute shopping just send an email to contact@beaverpoint with

"CCF Shopping - (name of the vendor)" in the Subject Line and it will be forwarded to the vendor you name.

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