A Year of Firsts

Rains of Dec/Jan    

For the first time ever, the cumulative rains of late Fall/early Winter caused a small problem with the well and water.  We had to close access to the water - for everyone's safety - while we investigated and the cause was identified. The cause was identified in early Feb and remedied with access to water reestablished by Feb 29th. 
Please use water thoughtfully.

Continuing Renovation Projects

Thank You SSI Foundation!

The last time the Hall was painted was in 2006 when we changed

the White with Brown Trim to the current Seafoam and Cream Trim

colours.   Fourteen years of elements have taken their toll so we

applied to the SSI Foundation for their Spring Granting session in

March and were generously granted the amount of $4,320.00 to cover

the labour costs of the painting.  Thank You So Very Much SSI Foundation!


This was very much a community group effort with many hands making sure that the job got done so special thanks also needs to go to:

Liam Johnson, who did a spectacular painting job - Thank you Liam! 

Windsor Plywood who helped organize and fund the paint and materials - Thank you Windsor Plywood! 

Then There Was The Pandemic!

The one no one ever saw coming and no one knows when it will end

Love and Marriage

2019 was a year of weddings. Here is BPH ready for one that took place in April.

Last year's Christmas Craft Fair

30 November, 1-2 December, 2018

Last Year's Christmes Craft Fair

All photos: DJMc

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